one man independent panel review 1

from jebat must die

It’s been a month since the last general election and Barisan Nasional is still dragging it’s feet in trying to recognise their own culpability in their recent defeat. Therefore, I hereby made my own review as I have the feeling that the leaders in BN do not know where and how to begin even if their lives are dependent on it.

So, dengar sini baik-baik;

Why BN won a simple majority

Firstly I would like to congratulate BN as they are officially the longest serving party in the world to ever govern a nation continuously for the past 53 years (since the first general election in 1955). However, the reasons for not getting 2/3 majority this time are:-

1) Many didn’t go out to vote although the voters turn out (72.2%) is higher than say, in 1969.

2) People are frustrated and fed up with the government (higher spoilt votes at 175,680 in Parliament and 146,781 in States)

3) Voters swing based on race;

No. Race % Voted for BN % Voted for Opposition
2004 2008 2004 2008
1. Malay 63% 58% 37% 42%
2. Chinese 65% 35% 35% 65%
3. Indian 82% 47% 18% 53%
(data taken from Umno directorate)

4) Economic factors

– rise in the prices of goods

– the perception that the people do not receive any direct benefits from the development

5) Opposition’s strengths

– the appeal of Anwar Ibrahim (why is it after being convicted and sent to jail, he still can retain his datukship?)

– the dedication and perseverance of their supporters

– voters can relate more with their candidates i.e., their candidates understand the people better

– their strength in using IT

– the populist approach in attracting voters especially the fence sitters

6) BN’s weaknesses

– criticisms and disclosures of wrongdoings of the government by Tun Dr Mahathir

– negative perception of Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi

– damaging perception that Khairy Jamaluddin is interfering with governmental matters

– complacency and over confidence after gaining huge mandate during 2004 election

– lack of dedication from the BN machinery and supporters

– localised issues like water, no electricity, no tarred roads etc.

– rampant corruption, cronysim and nepotism within BN

– below par performance of MPs from BN

– BN candidates not suitable or not accepted by the people

– internal bickering and back stabbing

– inadequate usage of IT

– wrong advise from advisers

– arrogant BN leaders

– failure to lure young voters and under estimating their influence

– weak in streamlining and presenting valid information and arguments to counter opposition’s allegations

7) Non – Malay’s anger

– expensive education and unfair opportunity

– MCA/MIC/Gerakan are seemingly weak

– Chinese and Indians felt that there are marginalised

– feeling discriminated by the government’s policies

– Non Muslims feel threatened by the perceived Islamisation (Islam Hadhari etc)

– Under estimating the HIndraf movement and their Makkal Sakhti slogan

8 ) Malay’s anger

– some development are perceived as enriching only cronies

– Umno is perceived as selling out the Malays

– feeling the majority of Malays do not benefit from the development and be left poor

9) General factors

– increasing crime rate

– mainstream media seemed to be biased

– effective alternative media

– protest by public servants (no bonus etc)

– failure of the propaganda and espionage machinery

The first step in regaining the confidence and importantly the vote from the people of Malaysia is for the BN to own up with all the factors above based on the honesty with which we interpret this result. Then we must face it without further denial, self deception and media spin. Hence, it will be easier for the issues above to be dealt with. Thereafter, the strengthening of BN and Umno may begin. Next, we will explore the aftermath of the election and how to overcome this blunder that Pak Lah and his band of 40 thieves made for the past 4 years.


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